The Freelancer’s IPhone

Now days, freelancer can never be disconnected, we’ve got to keep up with social networks, email, clients emergencies, at the same time get some work done, all of this while away from the computer.

As a freelancer I came to realize that there’s no better tool to help me in doing all of this than the IPhone, this portable gadget has become one of the most important tools for productivity and efficiency I have ever used.

In this post I’ll share my favorites IPhone apps that helped me turn it into a very important tool for my freelance work.

IPhone APPS a freelancer should have

  • Calendar: I use google calendar to sync my computer and Iphone. Even without synching with google calendar, this app is very useful to keep track of my appointments and deadlines. This app is free and it comes with the iphone.
  • Twitter for Iphone: I’ve tried a lot of  Twitter apps, and this one is the best, by far. Don’t cut off your social media marketing just because you’re away from the computer.
  • Evernote: Both the desktop and iPhone version are free, and has become an invaluable part of my workflow. You can take photo notes, typed notes or voice notes that are synced to your desktop.
  • Palettes: Its really useful and it helped me create the color scheme of some of my creative everywhere you go.This app comes in three flavors Free, Basic, and Pro. The initial free version runs at the Pro level for a limited time allowing you to fully test the application. It will then revert back to the Free level. Use the included in-application purchasing to upgrade to either the Basic or Pro level at any time.
  • PayPal: This app will help you bill your clients while you are out drinking at the bar.Its Free.
  • WordPress: You’re on the road and want to share an idea, with this app you don’t have to wait til you get home. This has been really useful to keep track of my blog while I’m on the road.
  • DropBox: Sync your files with your desktop and iphone so you can view them on the go. viewing files is limited to just images, PDFs and text documents, other types of documents can be emailed to contacts. It also allows uploading photos or movies to your Dropbox account to be accessed at your computer.
  • MindMeister: it’s been really helpful when i don’t have my laptop around, when i need to throw some ideas, create a project.

Got other IPhone apps, share it with us.!!


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