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First Design of 2011

Today I felt creative so I opened photohop and illustrator and came up with this, a strong some like grunge design..using a pic of my girlfriend, I created the outlines with Illustrator and made the finishing touches with Photoshop

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2011 – New Look

First thing to be done in 2011, design a template for my blog, lets get creative as 2010 says its final goodbye, open up Photoshop and start sketching the new look,have a brainstorming fest, throw a few ideas around to see which one sticks. Maybe a minimalistic look or try a little bit grunge, something more tech, or perhaps a sureal look..mmm…lets push the boundaries of my creativity to see what I come up with..

2011 Time to let your creativity fly really high.

Last year’s designs

getting some creativity for this new year, i took out some of my designs from 2010, all of these were done using illustrator and /or photoshop.

the complete gallery is at

My Gallery

check it out..give me your feedback