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Instalar Zend Framework 1.11.12 en Fedora 17

instalacion zendframework en fedora 17

En esta guía rápida les mostrare como instalar ZendFramework en Fedora 17, es tan sencillo como escribir yum install.

Un poco de Información – Que es Zend Framework?

Zend Framework (ZF) es un framework de código abierto para desarrollar aplicaciones web y servicios web con PHP 5. ZF es una implementación que usa código 100% orientado a objetos. La estructura de los componentes de ZF es algo único; cada componente está construido con una baja dependencia de otros componentes. Esta arquitectura débilmente acoplada permite a los desarrolladores utilizar los componentes por separado. A menudo se refiere a este tipo de diseño como “use-at-will” (uso a voluntad)..

Paso 1:  Instalar el repositorio REMI

#Dependencias REMI Fedora 17

rpm -Uvh

# Fedora 17 #

rpm -Uvh

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Basic Zend_Form by Example with Netbeans

In this post I’m going to show you how to create a simple contact form from scratch in Netbeans in this complete example that shows it  in action.

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Basic authentication with Zend_Auth

for one of my projects I had to create a basic login form with DB validation. this is what I came up with

$autenticar_adaptador=new Zend_Auth_Adapter_Table();





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#Zend Framework and PHP Certifications

There are so many things to do and learn.There’s much to be done, my social site(pretty big project,.lots of fun coding)..since this year is ending I need a new years resolution, this being said..My new year resolution is to get the #Zendframework and #PHP Certification..I should start by passing the PHP 5.3 exam and then go for the Zendframework one. I’ve been looking at some training materials, it’s not complicated but there’s a lot to be learn..Let’s start working on it…
Here’s the link for those who are interested on getting those certifications.

PHP Certifications

Registration form- #zf (finished)

so far so good, the registration form is finished, worked a little bit with #validators and #decorators, pretty cool..had some problems getting the errors and customizing the errors messages, did another intensive search on google and found the solution, it was pretty simple..
this is part of my source code:

$u_email= new Zend_Form_Element_Text(‘email’);
->setAttrib(‘size’, ‘25’)
->addValidator(‘NotEmpty’,true,array(‘messages’ => array(‘isEmpty’ => ‘custom message’)))’

as we can see one way of doing this is to pass a third parameter into addValidator,this third parameter is an array containing the new message and the property to which it will be applied.
with a simple call to getMessages() we can get the messages of the form in case a field is flag as invalid.

Main Project

i’m continuing my work on a social site developed entirely with #ZF, it’s my first big project with this framework, the final goal is to join every social network, twitter,facebook,flicker,etc. into one single site from which the user can interact with all of their friends…

its a simple idea, i’m sure thousands or probably millions of people had thought about’s easier said than done.. going on to my third week of far so good..

Registration form-zf

creating the registration form using zendframework,had a little problem validating the fields..I had to do some intensive research on google to find the solution..ZF is great although the doc is not that intuitive..the learning curve is slower compare to anothe frameworks..

Still loving it though.